Complete Broadband for schools.

Schools of all shapes and sizes deserve broadband that will work fast, safely and securely. Our broadband is designed by schools, for schools and can meet the requirements of any educational establishment. Backed by market leading SLA times, industry leading technology and fanatical support – we know we can deliver what schools need.

Comprehensive Safety

Our hosted Smoothwall filtering, run by Smoothwall experts ticks all the boxes to keep staff and students safe online.

Control your filtering by users, ensuring you can use the tools you want, safely.

Friendly Support

We get that your connection is used for many critical tasks all day, everyday. We get that you will have last minute requests, and that you rely on our experience and advice to stay secure.

Lourdes IT are your support team.

Expert Connectivity

Novatech Connect are education focused connectivity providers. We have worked exclusively with Novatech since the inception of Novatech Connect.

Our teams work closely to provide reliable and secure systems


We can help small primaries, large secondaries, or large primaries and small secondaries. We can even link and connect entire trusts


Our connectivity, like all our services - is delivered by experts. Experts in schools, education, security, safety and safeguarding.


Our services can grow as your needs grow. You do not need to take our IT Support to have our Broadband product.