Welcome to Lourdes IT Support

Lourdes IT provide ICT technical and management support to schools of all shapes and sizes, LA backed and academies. We are part of an existing Multi-Academy Company and not for profit. Our goal is simply to work with schools to provide ICT support which enhances teaching and learning. The benefits for our Multi Academy is highly trained, motivated staff, and excellent shared best practice ensuring our networks are reliable, constantly evolving and exciting for our users.

From supporting your existing IT Support team to do more, to being your complete IT support team. We have got it covered.

Our experienced and highly skilled team are friendly, approachable and all enjoy meeting the challenges of ICT in schools and making a positive impact for students and staff alike. We don’t shy away from challenges. We like to say yes, and pride ourselves on helping staff and students say “wow!” – when using ICT.

We are actively looking to expand the number of schools we support. Currently, we support a range of schools across different phases. Our coverage ranges from 1 day a week to 5 days onsite a week. We started small, and have grown steadily and we have an eco-system that can expand quickly to meet schools needs. 

All of our schools have signed up, and not moved away – which we are very proud of! Our regular customer surveys consistently rate our service highly.

We are completely independent of suppliers and providers, allowing us to offer a fully comprehensive service – however we work closely with IBS Schools support teams at our supported schools in Worcestershire, and with other local authorities wider afield if required. 

Lourdes IT has revolutionised tech support in the school. We had a defunct system which wasn’t working, nor was it overhauled or even maintained. Lourdes have turned this around in an amazingly short space of time and I always feel they work like Trojans. It is so reassuring to know that any problem, no matter what size, is dealt with efficiently thus taking the stress out of teaching with technology. Even if something goes wrong during a lesson, if they’re in school, they’re happy to bob down to the classroom and resolve it there and then. They are worth their weight in gold. Thanks guys, and gals.” Response to our 2017 survey