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Following a year like no other in Education IT, Lourdes IT has supported schools to quickly develop their IT use following the pandemic, and have had their busiest summer yet. Not least within our own MAC.

This year, Lourdes IT as part of the newly formed Our Lady of the Magnificat multi-academy, had been set a challenge to support all 12 of the multi-academy schools to quickly come together using technology embracing cloud technology following successful deployment of devices and platforms at Our Lady of Lourdes during the pandemic.

The importance of schools and central teams to be able to connect and grow together using technology as part of a cloud-first strategy envisaged by the newly appointed CSEL back in January is clear to see, as schools connect with colleagues, share best practices and enable sharing of key resources.

Our Lady of the Magnificat have high expectations, and our team have been excited to work with all schools and the central team on this exciting development of Catholic Education through the formation of the new MAC.

Lourdes IT is part of the MAC, having been part of the Our Lady of Lourdes MAC since its formation. Being grounded in a MAC helps our team understand and focus on the education needs of our schools to deliver the best support possible to internal and external schools.

With 6 schools already on our central multi-academy systems, integrating 6 new schools (5 primary, 1 secondary) into our setup was a large operation, bringing together thousands of users and thousands of gigabytes of data alongside hundreds of devices from various internal and 3rd party suppliers.

The Lourdes IT team have managed to connect schools with a central Office365 tenancy, modernise their software with efficient Intune Management solutions and ensure students and staff are safe and secure with cloud safeguarding tools to protect users wherever they are.

Cloud MIS System ensures heads and MAC leadership have the full picture.

This summer also saw a first as Lourdes IT managed and supported the migration from SIMS at the 12 schools to Bromcom for their MIS system. Working with schools, data has been migrated, 3rd party systems have been connected and thousands of pounds have been saved whilst implementing a system that can be accessed anywhere, any time on any device.

Providing expert support onsite and via our helpdesk

Lourdes IT has a strong presence in our schools, where our team are part of the school community and a central help desk within the MAC’s fantastic Redditch facilities. Our ability to manage a high support load, and to reassure users with fast and efficient support has helped the transition move quickly and successfully. Completing over 2200 tickets in just 10 school days showcases how hard our team have worked to support the new formed MAC, and whilst there is still some way to go – we are excited to work alongside new colleagues and new schools to deliver the best IT provision and support possible.

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