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Core Support

Providing escalated IT support for your existing IT Technicians and Strategic Guidance for your leadership team.

We take the time to get to know you, and your school’s needs – providing direction and the technical knowledge to move forward, with jargon free, tried and tested solutions that ensure your school and teams are constantly moving forward.

Our teams work alongside all stakeholders, governance, leadership, technical, teaching and business managers to bring together a digital strategy that can be implemented and supported when required.

Affordable and flexible

A single yearly cost to provide unlimited strategic support and technical backup to your IT team. We only require 30 days notice to cancel at the end of your SLA.

Advanced Technical Support

When your existing team requires support, our team are there. Our experienced technicians will be able to help guide you through developments or high level incidents.

Strategic Support

Knowing what to do next, and how to do it is key for ensuring your IT is reliable, robust, secure and fit for purpose. We help you develop your digital strategy and demistify IT.

Project Planning and advice

Keep your school moving forward, when you need projects completed our dedicated team will plan and work with you to deliver them on time and within budget

Digital Strategy

We will work with your school development plan to help you build a Digital Strategy that will will help you plan your IT development and adoption over a 3-5 year period - with our full support when you need it, both strategically and operationally.