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Pay a monthly amount for your laptop

Windows 10, Office 365 & Safeguarding software included

Supported by Lourdes IT by phone, email and live chat

Return the laptop at end or purchase the device for £66

Fully insured for you and school use

Devices are covered for loss, theft, accidental damage on this scheme with no excess on your first claim!

Use for entertainment / personal use

You can use the device for non educational purposes at home. Educational software can be installed.

1 Year Deal

Pay over 12 months
£ 40
Monthly Contribution
  • £50 refundable deposit
  • Three years support
  • Three years licences
  • Insured for 3 years
  • Payments start on delivery

2 Year Deal

Pay over 24 months
£ 21
Monthly Contribution
  • £50 Refundable Deposit
  • Three years support
  • Three years licences
  • Insured for 3 years
  • Payments start on delivery

3 Year Deal

Pay over 36 months
£ 15
Monthly Contribution
  • £50 Refundable Deposit
  • Three years support
  • Three years licences
  • Insured for 3 years
  • Payments start on delivery

Single Payment

1 contribution payment
£ 450
One off contribution
  • Three years support
  • Three years licences
  • Insured for 3 years
  • No deposit required
  • Payment taken on delivery

Included for 3 years on all options: Lourdes IT Support, device insurance for accidental damage, loss, theft. Safeguarding software.
Office 365 is available for as long as you are a student in an establishment with appropriate licences. 
Important: These prices are correct for purchases as of September 2020.  Earlier orders may be at a different rate. See agreements.

Our Lady of Lourdes

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About the device:

Help and advice

If you have any questions about our scheme - please contact Kelly Gunn. or call us on 01527 376003

Please note, this is not technical support - details will be provided to you for these when devices are delivered.

About our laptop

We are pleased to be working with Acer to deliver the fantastic new Travelmate B3. Find out about the device and all it can do, from it's 12 hour battery life, to its touch screen, with full Windows 10 and Office365 - it is the device to beat.

Scheme FAQ for parents:

Why can’t pupils bring their own devices?

The schemes success in a school relies on students having the same software and device features – so a standardised device is important.

Questions about the liability for any damage to personal devices in school, or who repairs them, and what if they cause issues with  schools network – and our ability to safeguard the devices if not school owned mean that students should not be allowed to bring their own devices

What about installing software and updates

The devices are managed online, and so we can push out updates to them as and when needed. The devices are designed to be used to get access to the internet and use Office365, they are not designed for processor heavy tasks such as video editing, or gaming.

What happens if a device breaks?

It will be covered under warranty or insurance, as long as damage is accidental.

Who owns the device?

The school or trust. The parent can purchase the device at the end of the lease.

Can I install software

A limited amount of educational software may be available only.

Is Office included

Yes, for as long as your are a pupil

What is the safeguarding software

Senso will monitor the device at all times, and alert the school to any concerns on inappropriate content. Outside of the school, parents are however responsible for device usage.

What about connectivity?

The device can be connected to any Wifi connection, or plugged into your home router. If you do not have any connectivity, it can sync work from the school’s internet, and then reupload when returned to school

What does Lourdes IT’s Support Include

A help desk, with support via the portal, email, phone or live chat from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. We will be able to remote to support the device, or if needed will take device and diagnose/repair/return.

A loan device will be available for most repairs.

In the holidays, if we need the device, we will run regular clinics where devices can be brought.

Lourdes IT provide IT support for Schools, and are part of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC, all our staff have a DBS.

What if I leave part way through the year?

You can either purchase the device after requesting a settlement fee, or you can return to your school.

Can I leave the scheme once I start it?

No, you will need to complete the agreement or buy out the device.

What if I cannot afford repayments?

Please contact the school, and we can discuss options

Can I join mid scheme?

Yes, although your monthly payments may be higher as a result

The scheme is managed by Lourdes IT, on behalf of the schools, bringing together the scheme management by CPU, device supply from Novatech and support by Lourdes IT