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Protecting our users

At Lourdes IT we work hard with our supported schools to protect all our users, pupils and staff, from some of the risks of using technology.

We use technical solutions, with software that proactively safeguards users, and advanced filtering software on our broadband to ensure all uses are safe.

In addition, we provide training and advice to staff, pupils, directors and governors, and parents. We deliver e-safety evenings for parents – covering proactive things they can go home and implement straight away to protect their children, and themselves.

Our Staff

Our staff are all safeguarding trained and attend regular updates. In addition, Lourdes IT has a trained DSL as part of our team, backed up with additional DSL trained staff within the Our Lady of Lourdes MAC Central Team. Our unique experience and expertise in IT, combined with effective safeguarding training means we know the risks, and how to minimise them.

Our Solutions

We use as our preferred safeguarding tool, along with Impero and Forensic Software solutions in other schools. These tools capture screenshots when terms are detected on the screen, in any programs, and staff are alerted, and monitor, these captures. All systems are constantly updated.

For our broadband customers, our internet filters provide comprehensive and adaptable protection – allowing users to get the most from the internet, in a safe and secure way. Our filters are constantly updated to adapt to new threats.

Help for parents, staff and young people

We provide training sessions for all users on request. Schools with an SLA get it as part of their offering, but we can also do one off events for other schools.

We highly recommend schools signpost parents, children and staff to the Safer Internet Advice Centre: