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Your feedback matters...

Wow Moment

When we go above and beyond to make you say Wow!


Let us know when you appreciate the job was done well!

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

When the service is as you would expect

Could have been better

If we haven't done the job right

Not Happy this time

If you feel really let down as a result of our service

We use your feedback to learn from our service. Where we have provided a wow moment, how can we replicate that experience for our other customers, and where we have left you not happy this time, what can we do to avoid this happening again.

We can’t change or delete feedback once left by a customer. You can leave multiple feedbacks on one ticket, but it will not remove previous feedback.

What do we do with your feedback?

Our feedback is categorised as follows:

  • Positive: Wow Moment & Thanks for your help
  • Neutral: Neither satisfied or dissatisfied 
  • Negative: Could have been better, I am not happy with the service this time

When we get positive feedback, the team member who earned it gets recognition within our team.

Each term we reward our team based on feedback scores:

  • A day off for the person with the top feedback score (positive – negatives)
  • We also reward those who don’t always complete tickets, and ask our team to nominate when a colleague has given them help and support that has caused a client’s Wow moment

When things don’t go to plan, we look into it:

  • We will contact the provider of the negative feedback, and understand where we went wrong.
  • We will do what we can to put it right
  • We will explain any decisions we have had to made
  • We will look at our processes internally to better understand where we can avoid this feedback again.
  • We will speak with the technician involved to support them.

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