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At Lourdes IT, we know that we can’t get everything right all the time.

Our aim is to deliver friendly, helpful, proactive support to schools.

There are so many variables in the delivery of IT support in schools, often multiple providers, multiple systems interacting with each other, different levels of knowledge between staff and different priorities between schools that mean this sometimes doesn’t go as smoothly as we want it too.

Our team are dedicated to getting things working how you like them we do this whilst also having the safety and security of all our users and data we look after at the forefront of our mind – as well as the welfare of those we support, and those who do the supporting.

We also take into account your school or trust policies as well as any financial constraints facing your school.

Whilst we hope you never have to use it you can see on this page guidance for letting us know what to do next and a note about working with our staff in a positive way in stressful times.

We don’t always get it right. And we know that’s frustrating – but our promise is to do everything we can to try and get it right – and avoid it happening again.

Letting us know

We have multiple ways you can feedback to us about our performance so we can learn how to improve.

You can leave feedback on any of the tickets you submit, both positive and negative. We monitor the feedback regularly, and we are able to look back through the ticket and learn from things we can do better.

We also send out a termly survey to all our users.

If you have a specific concern you can contact our School Champion, Kelly. Kelly will support you with any issue where you feel you haven’t got the support you require. She will raise issues with the relevant team, be your direct link and ensure swift fixes and any changes are carried out.

Kelly Gunn – / 01527 376 003

When things get a bit more serious.

If you have let us know through the above methods, and things still are not improving – please ask Kelly to request the issue is raised with our senior team.

Our Senior Team include our IT Operations Manager, Team Leaders, School Champion and IT Service Lead. We will work with you to resolve issues as quickly as possible and will be in touch with you to explain what is happening.

Should we not be able to resolve the issue together – we have a complaints policy available on request, with details on how you can escalate your complaint through our organisation if none of the above can resolve your issue.

Monitoring our service levels

Lourdes IT monitor our performance using a range of KPIs. This helps us understand our performance against our SLA agreement with schools, as well as the performance of our team. Individual figures are parts of a story, and we know that they are not everything – however they do provide an effective method of managing our support delivery.

We send out weekly updates to key contacts our performance levels at their school.

Your school can request our performance for their entire school, against a specific ticket, user, SLA or type of issue. Please contact Kelly Gunn to request this data.

Our Staff deserve to work without abuse.

We fully understand that things can be stressful when they don’t work, especially in a classroom environment or with tight deadlines. We also know that you will not always agree with the support or advice we have delivered.

Unfortunately, communicating via text based systems, such as emails and the ticketing system, can leave messages being misinterpreted, or being sent without taking a moment to reflect. Sometimes behind a keyboard and system, you can forget you are speaking to a fellow human.

We would ask you to always treat our team with respect you would afford to your colleagues in school, face to face.

Please ensure all communications are polite, and professional. We will not tolerate any attempt to be rude, belittle, be aggressive with or offend our staff. Just as we would never find it acceptable the other way around.

All ticket responses are recorded. Where our staff feel that the conversation is not going the intended way, they will direct you to an alternative or senior colleague to continue the discussion.

We hope we never have too, but we will stop providing support to individuals where we feel it is counter productive, and will refer to our Key Contact at the school. Our team will always learn and move on from situations when all parties wish too.

Where an issue has occurred with a parent or student, we will direct them to the school and make the school aware