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Lourdes IT has been part of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC since its formation. We are excited that as of 1st September 2021, Holy Family Catholic MAC will be merging with Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC to form the Our Lady of the Magnificat Multi-Academy.

The new Multi-Academy will consist of 12 schools across Worcestershire and Warwickshire – all of which will be supported by the Lourdes IT team. We have already embarked on an ambitious project to bring all the schools together on a single network and online platform for the 1st September launch.

Lourdes IT will retain our name and branding, and continue to support external schools and trusts to achieve the best in class IT provision and support. Lourdes IT continues to grow in numbers supported and in reputation – we are extremely excited to be part of the new Our Lady of the Magnificat Multi Academy and to be supported and enabled by the directors and leaders of the Multi Academy.

Impact for our supported schools

Our Lady of the Magnificat will use the same bank details, address, contact details, and company registration with only the name changing for the organisation.

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