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We are actively looking for schools or Multi-Academies to work with. We believe we can offer something different from traditional IT Support providers, something with bigger impact then a single technician and something more effective for your school.

We understand that your school is unique, and therefore our packages are. Our prices compare favourably with the competition – but we tend to be a lot more engaged and involved. We are not for profit, so our biggest concern is ensuring you get the best service. The benefit for us is scale. We can provide all our clients, including those within Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy, a better service the bigger and more experienced our team is and with the more experienced staff we can attract, including specialists that schools could not hire on their own.

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If you already know we are the right team for you – that’s great! The next steps are to discuss what the best deal is for you, how we can help and how we can make it all happen. To get started, please contact us or call 01527 359 999

Frequently asked questions about joining Lourdes IT

How do I join?

Please email or call us on 01527 359 999 to begin a conversation. We understand these decisions are not easy, so we will answer questions and offer advice and support whatever your procurement process is. We can meet SMT/SLT or governors/directors.

Are you a business?

We are part of a Catholic Multi Academy Company (Catholic schools cannot be in a Multi Academy trust, but it is very similar) – therefore we are part of a Limited Company. However, we are run not-for-profit. We re-invest any surplus into the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC in the form of staffing for the team, tools and software for the team, CPD or in IT equipment.

What support options are there?

IT Support

We can offer onsite support from half a day, to 5 days a week, with as many technicians as you require, plus back up senior technicians and management staff to assist when needed.


We can support any connectivity options from any providers, as well as providing our own solutions


We can support any academy with their SIMs usage, backed up by accredited and award winning SCOMIS.

I already have a technician – what will happen?

That is up to you! It is not a problem.

We are happy to work with existing team members. Whether that be whilst they are on your pay roll and we manage them, working alongside them or we can TUPE them to our team if they are a good fit for how we work. We are a friendly bunch of IT workers and would make them feel at home!

We are already in contract, how could we move over to you?

We will work with existing providers to ensure a smooth transition. We can work with long lead times, whatever best suits you.

We are with WCC/IBS Schools/CIS Tech – can we move away to you? 

Of course. There is no reason to feel trapped in any existing relationship you may have with other providers. We can do everything, and more, that IBS and CIS and any other provider can.

Our school is not in Worcestershire – does it matter?

Doesn’t bother us – we can work at any school within a reasonable distance, whatever the LA.

Do you do remote support only?

We don’t offer remote only support. It doesn’t really work in a school we find. We can do just a half a day a week visit.

We are an LA school, can you provide SIMS Support to us?

We are sorry, our SIMS SLA is only available to Academies.

Do we need to sign up for all your SLAs?

No, although it works well having us doing it all, we can liaise with existing suppliers for any current setup.

I have more questions!

So do we, we want to get to know schools, so please get in touch!