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Information for those with a laptop

The laptops deployed to staff during or immediately prior to Covid-19 shutdowns are connected to Office365, as we are migrating our systems this weekend, this will have an effect on those using them.

The good news, is that the process is automated, so little input is required on the end user part, as all your documents are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint and not on your laptop, we can automatically rebuild your laptop, without you losing data.

Please note, you will be unable to use the laptop over the bank holiday weekend whilst systems migrate.

All items in your downloads folder will be deleted, please ensure you migrate any documents from this folder you wish to keep to your OneDrive. Any custom software, or favourites will not transfer. 

  1. Your laptop will install a script over the internet when next switched on. You will not have any notifications. 
    Please ensure your device is switched on for the duration of Friday 22nd May

  2. We will then automatically reset your device remotely. 
  1. Your device will then rebuild itself on Tuesday 26th, from 9am onwards. This could take a few hours. Please ensure it is left on.

  2. During the process you will be asked to select a language, and a keyboard layout, please select UK for both

  3. You will be asked to connect the device to your home Wifi or wired network again. You can usually find your Wifi details on the bottom of your broadband router. Located the SSID Name and find this in the list on your device, then enter the password (available on your router case)

  4. During the rebuild, you will be asked to login to the device with your new email and your existing password.

  5. The device will then setup, log you in, and install software in the background. This may take some time, depending on your laptop make and model and your internet speed – so we recommend leaving it again and checking back later. We also recommend restarting the device if something doesn’t work as you expect.

  6. You will be asked to encrypt your device, please select the first option: I don’t have any other disk encryption software installed, encrypt all my disks  and then click Turn on. If this fails, do not panic, we will be in touch.
If you need any help or assistance, our helpdesk is open from 8am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday. Due to the volume of calls, please arrange a call back where we can call you and resolve your issue: