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Lourdes IT - Performance Data

Performance Data for: November 2019

We know it is important to not just talk the talk, but to prove we do what we say we do. We are open with our performance data for our helpdesk. If it’s good – we know about it, if it’s not great – we are already working on sorting it out

Positive Feedback
Positive feedback rating (224 out of 227 responses) 99%
WOW Moments
As a percentage of the total feedback (124 out of 227 responses) 54.63%
Neutral Feedback
Neutral feedback rating 0%
Negative Feedback
Negative feedback rating (2 out of 227) 1%

Key Metrics

124 'Wow' Moments

'Wow!' moments are the best feedback we can get. It's when we wow our users with our support.

1618 tickets resolved

How many tickets we have done this month - this may be more or less then the total tickets received.

67% of tickets resolved in under 5 hours

Whilst it is not all about speed, we aim to resolve as many issues as quickly as possible.

Resolution times

Busiest day of the week - Tuesday

On average in the last month this was the day the most tickets came in and got resolved.

Busiest time - 9am-10am

A good indication of when we are busiest - this time is when we get and complete the most tickets

97% SLA Resolution

We have a strict, industry leading SLA for our responses - we aim to hit this 96% of the time.

Methods of logging tickets:

56% via email

29% via phone

15% via Portal or Chat

Ticket totals by product

IT Support - 90%

Any IT SLA issues

Broadband - 2%

Includes website unblocks

Other - 7%

Includes websites, SIMS and GDPR

Tickets by Technicians

1st Line - 76%

Our first line team deal with the majority of issues onsite and as tickets come in.

2nd Line - 19%

Our second line work on escalated issues and pro-active support.

3rd Line - 4%

Third lines work on larger projects, large impact issues and proactive support

Important to note:
Percentage figures are rounded up. All figures come from an end of month report via our help desk, and may change based on a number of factors. 

Our support is monitored on a wide range of metrics, and not all are displayed on this page. This page does not replace detailed reports sent each week to key contacts.

This page is not part of our SLA, and it’s figures cannot be used as such. It is to give an indication of our overall performance. Our performance may change month to month – because of many factors – including: cookie intake, fatty Friday supply issues, music choices in the office, the weather and what sweet offers Tesco has.

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