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We are proud to provide IT Support that you have never seen before. 

That your school or trust is proud to use, with proactive, friendly support for all. 

Our size and setup allows us to deliver effective support, and hands on strategic direction for your IT use. Ensuring IT is a help, not a hindrance in your provision.

We are able to use our experience of supporting a wide range of trusts, academies, LA schools and alternative provision providers to ensure you get the best tech, that is proven to work.

At all times you are in control, we work to your needs.

Lourdes IT are part of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC in Worcestershire. Our team are directly employed and managed by the Multi Academy Directors. 

Thanks to their support, we are able to extend the reach of our IT support to external schools. In turn, this helps the Multi-Academy (and our supported schools) benefit from best in class IT Support and provision, benefit from bulk purchasing and highly skilled technicians. 

We do not set our prices to make a profit – we set them to cover the cost of providing the service and investing in our employees and our systems and processes.

Peritech Support

Lourdes IT offer onsite visits, like other providers - but better!

Longer onsite sessions
All training and CPD included
All summer projects included
Access to our helpdesk all year
Ofsted Call Visits
Emergency onsite visits

Broadband Solution

Safe and secure broadband for your school, with everything you need

Filtering and Firewalls
E-Safety Solutions
Anti Virus
Access to our helpdesk all year
Emergency onsite visits
Upgrade when required

SIMS Support

Providing SIMS Support and Consultancy to schools

Support and advice
Assessment and Reports
Access to our helpdesk all year
Emergency onsite visits
Upgrades & Census support

Help and Advice

Our service includes many things as standard, and are completely flexible to the needs of your school/trust.

Strategic IT Support, procurement services, GDPR help and advice, websites management, user groups and training facilities. We listen to our customers and develop our services around you.

With our amazing Onsite Team we can offer anything from half day a term to 5 days a week with multiple staff.

Our friendly Help Desk Team offer support via phone, email, live chat and remote support software to fix issues fast.

Projects and upgrades are included as standard in our SLAs, so our Project Team are dedicated to getting them done.