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Lourdes IT Procurement Services

Request a Quote

If you need Lourdes IT to procure any hardware or software for your school our experienced team will provide you with the quotes you need.

Request a Install

Our experienced install team can complete cabling, projector and TV installs and WIFI systems setup. Let us know the details and we will do the rest!

Approve a Quote

If we have provided a quote click here to confirm and accept the quote, so we can go ahead and place the order. You will need a PO or Order number to proceed.

What happens when I request a quote?

Our team will research your requirements, and provide the quote(s) you require based on your value for money requirements.

  1. Submit your quote request
  2. Lourdes IT will provide your quote
  3. Click the button in the email (at the bottom) to confirm you accept the quote
  4. Follow the emailed link to place your order (or use the approve a quote button above)
  5. Your order will be placed.

How do installs work?

Lourdes IT work with an experienced third party for installations, we will get a quote based on your needs and work with you for an suitable date. Our team will ensure the installer has everything they need prior to the installation event.

Your quote will be from Lourdes IT, and you will pay us directly. We will then settle with the installer when all works have been completed.

All installers used by Lourdes IT have valid Enhanced DBS Certificates that are available on request for schools.


Our friendly and helpful team are happy to help and are available 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday on 01527 376003 or