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Affordable Device Scheme for Students

Working with established providers, and our unique understanding of school's IT, your students could get a laptop to use at school and at home

Safe and reliable

Safeguarding software and full device management included, as well as full support for implementation and use.

Work anywhere

Whether in school, or at home - students will be able to easily access their work and tasks, because we deliver a complete solution

Lourdes IT - Student Device Scheme

Providing affordable 1-1 devices for students

With the uptake in device usage, and engagement by staff and students in remote learning platforms – many schools have approached us to provide student device schemes – where students/their parents can contribute to a voluntary scheme to provide them with an effective device to use at both home and school.

How does the scheme work?

Your school leases devices for students, who pay, via direct debit or cash a monthly fee to use the devices. At the end of the scheme (3 years) they can purchase the device for a low cost or return it at no cost.

Devices are fully insured and under warranty, and can be managed remotely. Safeguarding software is also included.

Prices vary by device, accessories and insurance, however for a 3 year agreement on a Acer SpinBook laptop, parents will typically pay under £15pm


  • Who owns the devices: The school does. At the end of the lease they can return the device, or sell to students.
  • Who will handle repairs: Lourdes IT will try to resolve issues onsite – but devices covered by warranty/insurance and parents will be able to log and action via portal and an app.
  • What are the risks? If payments are not made, the school will be liable for the lease of the device. This can be covered by an initial deposit, and the scheme will liaise with parents when payments are missed.
  • What do schools need to consider: Lourdes IT can assist schools in deciding how this scheme may work, for example, rollout, infrastructure (such as Wi-Fi and connectivity) and training of staff. There will also be licencing costs, however all of these elements can be included in the scheme cost to parents.
You do not need to be an existing Lourdes IT customer to join this scheme.

Call us now to discuss - 01527 376 003

Speak to our experienced team and we will set up a visit or call to explain the scheme. You can also email us.

Support by Lourdes IT

Our team know education, supporting many schools. This solution has been found at the request of schools, and so is designed for their needs. We know the pitfalls, and how to get the most from the scheme, and will work with you every step of the way.

Devices owned by School/Trust

The school leases the equipment, and parents pay a contribution to the scheme via monthly DD. Devices can be purchased for a reduced amount at end, or returned.

Insured and Warranty

The monthly price includes insurance for loss, theft and accidental damage, and the device is under warranty for 3 years.

Scheme Management

Parents have access to an online portal, where they order and manage payments, as well as log warranty/insurance claims.