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Lourdes IT are pleased to announce that we have today become an Arbor Accredited Support Unit.

Our team have been working hard to complete the required training modules, meaning we can now support, sell and train schools on the fantastic Arbor Cloud MIS.

Arbor is the UK’s fastest growing MIS platform, and is used by over 1600 schools and trusts, including many schools Lourdes IT already work with.

The MIS is a key tool for schools moving to the cloud, and reduce existing MIS costs.

I am really proud of Jake, Jon and Mark who have worked hard to support our accreditation process with Arbor.
We are confident that helping schools with the knowledge around the product from a trusted Education IT support provider means we will be able to support customers new and existing in their journey to moving safely to Cloud solutions.

Matthew Setchell, IT Services Lead - Lourdes IT

Lourdes IT will now be able to support those moving on a journey from SIMS, to Arbor and provide ongoing support and training, with schools being able to interact with the friendly team they already work with, who have personal relationship with their school.

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