We are a school IT team, that did good.

Since 2012, we have been providing IT support to schools in Worcestershire. Starting off as St Bede’s IT support, we have grown overtime by word of mouth. In 2018, St Bede’s IT Support became Lourdes IT, as we moved into the central team at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy Company.

We are part of a Multi Academy, but we support schools outside of the MAC (Catholic version of a MAT). This allows us to focus on delivering a fantastic service, whilst understanding the challenges schools are facing.

Our schools benefit from better support as we grow. More experience, more buying power, and experienced staff.

Lourdes IT is unique, by sharing with all our schools the benefits of a centralised IT team, schools and MAT/MACs can harness the many benefits of professional, developed, centralised IT teams without the cost and hassle of doing it.

Professional, friendly, passionate, geeks.

It takes someone special to meet the high demands we place on our team.

We expect brilliant support, but we know to get it, we need staff that are motivated.

That’s why our team are actively supported in their own development and all our senior roles have been internal promotions. These guys know what it is to delivery outstanding, friendly, helpful and pro-active support to schools.

We are strong believers that we can tech the tech side, it is the social and personal skills that we need our staff to excel in. Working so closely together, our team is fantastic to be part of – supportive, nurturing and big lovers of coffee, food and at least talking about going to the gym.