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Why using Lourdes IT can work for your school

Staffing made easy

We cover holidays and sickness, deal with all the training and HR, as well as provide equipment for our team to work with.


Our help desk is open 42.5 hours a week in term time and it doesn't take a break! We are open for 37.5 hours in holidays. Our help desk is managed by multiple staff

The right people

You are not employing just one person, Lourdes IT employs a wide range of technicians, across different skill sets that can help with specific issues.

Our team is made up of Onsite Technicians, Technical Team members, Network and Infrastructure specialists, product specialists, DSLs, E-Safety experts, admin and finance staff, and all are working with you and your school to ensure your IT is great, so you don't have too.

Education Experience

Supporting schools is a unique challenge, and by only supporting schools, we can share our knowledge and experience to ensure you make the right decisions.

Bulk Purchasing Power

Our community of schools means we can work with our suppliers to get the best price points for our schools. Being Independent and not for profit means the best solution at the best price.

Managed solutions for IT

For years schools have had their own IT support with their own team, or have had support provided by their council. Why change?

These two ways of offering support have differed greatly in their success and impact. Onsite provision for schools relies on good staff, who are mentored and developed – which is not always possible when your leadership team don’t have the technical knowledge required. Succession planning for schools is difficult, and can often lead to issues when onsite staff do leave.

Council provided central support has often seen schools having setups dictated to them, with little to no input on what they can do, and a very reactive service.

The right managed solution can solve both these issues

We are customer focused. Our goal is simple to provide outstanding support and strategic IT guidance to your school.  

We look after our staff to ensure they are motivated and informed and this means they deliver a pro-active support to your school, focusing on your needs.

Our ability to be independent of suppliers and councils means we are able to help you choose the right solution for you. We are open, we believe in training and engagement with staff and wider communities, we want to be part of your team.

Sometimes other suppliers are cheaper, sometimes employing your own staff may be cheaper, but it is important to check exactly what you are getting. Lourdes IT are open longer, are on site longer, include all our training and project work in one yearly fee. There are no extras when you need a project or a event supported, or training given. 

We invest in our team, our structure and our services, to ensure you get the best IT support out there.

IT Support for education. It’s what we do.